Cage Free Zen is an outlet for me, a sufferer of multiple chemical sensitivity. People with multiple chemical sensitivity find ourselves in cages of varying sizes with varying degrees of isolation. It isn’t a chosen isolation; it’s imposed by society. Our lives are a virtual imprisonment defined by the whims of anyone who doesn’t know or doesn’t care until they find themselves sick as well.

Multiple chemical sensitivity is an illness with a rare characteristic: it has enemies who will do whatever it takes to convince others that it does not exist. Those enemies include the chemical industry, which stands to lose money via lost profits and litigation. They include front groups such as the American Council on Science and Health, who get paid by industry groups to cherry pick data, write bogus reports, and play media whore, to cast any sort of doubt possible in the name of what they call “science” but what is in fact, propaganda. They include self-proclaimed “skeptics.” These include people like Steven Milloy, Michael Fumento, Quackwatch neurotic Stephen Barrett and the like, who also serve their masters in industry and the various front groups that count them as members. “Skeptics” also include people who fancy themselves as intellectuals who actually believe the stories that these spinmeisters weave. They love the lofty image of being a “skeptic” and the intellectual pretense that it suggests, but they’re not really skeptics at all: they’re deniers. They deny things long before the science they claim to uphold has even begun to find data to study or theories to pursue.

All of these people will ignore the bulk of scientific data that eventually proves them wrong. The former groups of people ignore it because they are paid to. The latter groups of people trust their authority figures blindly, so they too will ignore the data with the mistaken assumption that the front groups are actually interested in truth as opposed to money.

This blog will discuss these issues along with the many other concerns that plague the MCS victim along with the remarkable advances that real scientists have made toward understanding the disease, as well as the elusive ‘cures’ that perpetually taunt us.


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